Insulin Pen Case

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With this modern accessory you can have more freedom, convenience, comfort and protection in your daily life when transporting your Insulin Pen and application needles. 

With an innovative and unique design on the market, the case helps in transporting the application needles and also the pen. Its body is formed by a resistant thermoplastic, giving an excellent robustness to the product.

Its body was designed to have a modern shape and with anatomical lines, this to facilitate the handling of insulin needles and pens, it has a simple opening and made in a single piece. 

It is of great use in everyday life due to this practicality of the accessory. The easy and quick way to be handled brings freedom and agility for insulin application, in addition it is a light and extremely discreet accessory. 

Internally, it has two housings to place the needles, and up to six needles can be transported at a time, with great security and protection against the external environment, freeing the product from contamination. 

The accessory, besides being practical, can be used with several brands of pens present in the market, this is possible thanks to its fitting being universal for different types of handles present in the insulin applicator pens.  

In addition to so many benefits, the product is produced in different colors, making it possible to make several combinations with other accessories, such as bags and clothes of your taste and preference.

Product Benefits:

  • Can be used with different types of pens available on the market
  • Anatomical and innovative format
  • Several colors available 
  • Protects needles from being exposed to the external environment and being easily contaminated
  • Easy handling, it is a light and resistant product 
  • It has thermal properties due to the property of the thermoplastic
  • Ability to load up to 6 needle units 
  • Light and compact product

With a unique format on the market, the Case for Insulin Pens is the ideal accessory for those seeking practicality, comfort and safety to transport their health and diabetes care items.  

Note: The insulin pen and needles present in the images are only for demonstration of the application of the product, and do not accompany the same in the purchase made. It may be that due to the innumerable types of pens for insulin application on the market, some models do not fit very well in the inserts due to the formats, but the case was developed above and based on the best-selling and best-known models on the market.